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Your Options After You’ve Been Hurt in an Accident

Nobody wants to be involved in a car accident, but sadly, it happens all too often. If you have suffered personal injury after a car accident, you might be wondering what your options are. After you have been evaluated by the proper medical professionals, it is advisable that you seek legal counsel from a personal injury attorney

Do I Need a Lawyer?

Unfortunately, even minor car accidents can cause legal trouble for you in the future, especially if you have been injured. Insurance companies usually require attorneys in the event of settlements, so having experienced legal counsel on your side will help you avoid potential legal issues in the long term and help you navigate your rights now. A lawyer on your side can help you to secure:
●    Payment for medical treatments to treat injuries from the accident
●    Compensation for pain and suffering after the accident
●    Loss of wages due to injury or treatments
●    Loss of earning capacity due to injury
●    Emotional and psychological distress

Suing VS. Settling

An experienced personal injury lawyer will be able to help you determine whether you should settle or sue to get the compensation you deserve. There are many advantages to settling with your insurance company before you file a lawsuit. Some of these advantages include:
●    You will receive your compensation quicker
●    You will avoid appearing at court hearings and paying attorney fees
●    You will avoid an unpredictable jury decision.

Although there are certainly advantages to settling your case outside of court rather than pursuing a lawsuit, there are many reasons why it may be advisable to file a lawsuit instead. If the insurance company’s settlement claim is unreasonably low, if you have received no response to a demand for settlement, or if you feel you have suffered an injustice, taking your claim to court may be the best option. If you choose to file a lawsuit, it is advisable to seek legal counsel from experienced personal injury attorneys like those at Stephenson Law.