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Litigation Services for Cary Businesses

A thriving hub of North Carolina business—and the home of our law firm—Cary is a city of growth and innovation. The attorneys at StephensonLaw strive to protect our city’s enterprises and investors by providing sound legal services. 

Breach of Operating Agreement Claims

Your operating agreement controls the internal governance of your LLC. By executing an operating agreement, all parties, including the LLC, are bound to its terms. If one party breaches, you can bring suit to enforce your rights under the agreement. 

The attorneys at StephensonLaw will enforce your contractual rights for breach of operating agreement claims. As your source of legal guidance, we will help you explore the breached provisions and evaluate the strength of your claim. We will work tirelessly to gain compensation for what you have lost or will lose in damages due to the breach of operating agreement. 

Effective Business Dispute Representation

Business litigation can be a scary concept – litigation is not an everyday occurrence for most businesses. The attorneys at StephensonLaw are trained and skilled in business litigation and dispute resolution. We are here to help guide you through the business dispute process and achieve the best possible outcome for your matter, all while helping to protect the future of your business.  

Whether you’ve had a disagreement with your investors, partners, clients, or vendors, we leverage years of experience to facilitate a resolution without the need for trial.  However, we are willing and able to litigate your dispute, if needed. We treat each matter as an urgent business matter to be resolved efficiently and cost-effectively.   

Trusted Litigation for LLC Member Disputes

Your business ownership carries with it a delicate balance. You  divide the corporate responsibilities among your partners and expect them to act in the best interest of the business. Sometimes LLC members or managers do not perform their duties as they should, and the well-being of the business can suffer. Look to StephensonLaw to help you navigate LLC member or manager disputes to help keep your business running successfully. 

If an LLC member of manager has, say, exposed you to liability, violated the terms of the operating agreement, or committed some other wrong, you are in a position to file a claim to protect your business and your investment. If he or she fails to correct their wrongful acts, you need effective legal representation.

The attorneys at StephensonLaw will fight to protect your businesses’ rights, along with its reputation. We have experience prosecuting business litigation cases in North Carolina courts, including the North Carolina Business Court. With years of experience in business litigation, we are skilled at ironing out LLC member or manager disputes as efficiently and non-disruptively as possible. 

As experienced business litigators, we look to develop long-term relationships as legal advocates for our clients in Cary. If you are seeking legal advice, defense, or mediation services, fill out a contact form or call StephensonLaw today. 

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