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Respected Business Litigation Representation

At the center of North Carolina, Raleigh pulses with a constant flurry of business endeavors. As Raleigh continues to grow and thrive, the experienced business lawyers at StephensonLaw are are dedicated to providing trusted legal counsel for business owners in Raleigh.

Business Litigation in Raleigh, NC

As an entrepreneur there are many occasions on which you need to seek legal counsel. At StephensonLaw, we seek to build long-term relationships, partnering with you every step of the way. With over 100 years combined experience handling legal business matters, you can trust that we’ll put your best interests first and work with you individually to meet your needs. The Raleigh business law attorneys at StephensonLaw can counsel you through: 

●    Owner/Partner Disputes
●    Breach of Contract
●    Business Torts
●    Partnership Disputes
●    Private Deals/Post-Closing Disputes
●    Bad Faith Litigation
●    Regulatory Investigations and Litigation
●    Restrictive Covenant/Trade Secret Litigation
●    Insurance Disputes
●    Shareholder Derivative Actions

Trusted Breach of Contract Litigation

If you or your company enters a binding contract with another party - be they an investor, partner, client, or vendor - it is your right and anticipation that the legal arrangement to be upheld.  However, if the other party fails to uphold this agreement, your business can suffer.  Our attorneys at StephensonLaw are prepared to be your advocate and acquire proper compensation, and resolve any disputes.

Business litigation is not an everyday occurrence for most businesses in Raleigh. Let us help guide you through the tough terrain of business disputes, and file suit if needed. We understand how important it is to protect your company and your rights.    

Shareholder Dispute Litigation

When you invest in or are an owner of a business, you should be wary of any unjust practices.  In fact, if you doubt you are getting paid in full, or you doubt the validity of any financials or company budgets, you should let us help you take action. 

The StephensonLaw attorneys have the experience to straighten out messy shareholder conflicts and protect your investments to help your company focus on growth.  Whether you have been accused of breaching your duties as either owner or investor, don’t let your rights be jeopardized. We will swiftly and effectively undertake the necessary claims and settle them so that you can get back to business.  

Respected Business Law Representation in Raleigh

Our commitment to excellence, proven track record, and reputation as a trusted North Carolina law firm are just a few of the reasons we build lasting relationships with our clients. Contact us for a free initial consultation with one of our Raleigh business law attorneys.


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