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Condemnation Law in North Carolina

Trusted North Carolina Eminent Domain Representation 

If you hold title to it, your property—be it a home, business, investment vehicle—belongs to you, subject to your mortgage and other liens. But then comes along the government, seeking to take part or all of it, for a value well below what you could get on the market. What do you do? 

Eminent Domain Property Law

We understand the emotional burden of having your land taken from you—and it would be our honor to help you. If your local municipality or state agency (i.e., the Department of Transportation) has exercised its eminent domain power over your personal or business property, we will fight for the highest possible value of your land. Our Cary-based law firm has significant experience in real property law, litigation, and land valuation. We’ve successfully represented clients throughout the area in their condemnation matters helping them to walk away with substantially more money than originally offered by the government.

Receive the Highest Possible Value for Your Property

In any condemnation case, we start with a personal consultation with the land owner. We learn from you how your property has been utilized and your intended future use. We then work with certified land appraisers and experienced land planners to determine the potential uses of your land, including any property you retain after a condemnation of some, but not all, of your land. By working with experienced professionals, we can determine not only your land’s best economic use, but also its maximum value from such use. 

Trust StephensonLaw to Fight for Land Value

The attorneys of StephensonLaw have substantial real  property law experience, and a deep understanding of land value, appraisal methods, land planning, and eminent domain law. These traits make them ideal representatives for your condemnation matter. After skillful evaluation of your land’s use and appraisals, the attorneys at StephensonLaw will dedicate themselves to maximizing your recovery and obtaining just compensation.

If you are faced with the unfortunate prospect of the government taking your land, don’t rely on the government’s own real estate appraisers to determine how much you are entitled to. There are a variety of legitimate methods of determining land value and, many time, the government chooses the method that pays you the least. Look to StephensonLaw to fight for your land’s maximum value. Our firm has the knowledge, dedication, and experience to help you get the compensation you are entitled to by law.

We offer these condemnation law services in Raleigh, Cary, Apex, Holly Springs, Morrisville, and other areas throughout the region. 

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