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Receive Your Condemned Property’s Highest Value

A beautiful town with a competitive school district and solid economy, the population of Apex has surged 600 percent since the year 1990. Growth and development continue to bring more people to this area of the Research Triangle—along with an increased need for public land use. Anyone who has driven down NC-55 in downtown Apex knows that roadway expansions into private property is a future certainty. This could result in the condemnation of your private property. 

Condemnation Law in Apex

If you are a resident of Apex and your land has been condemned by the Town of Apex or the Department of Transportation, the attorneys of StephensonLaw can help. As a seasoned North Carolina law firm, we have a strong understanding of eminent domain rights, land use, and land valuation procedures. We work closely with trusted, certified land appraisers to find the highest possible market value of your property—and fight to get you the just compensation you deserve. If your land is being taken by the government for an unfair value, look to StephensonLaw to help you get the maximum value for your land.

Trust StephensonLaw With Your Eminent Domain Case

StephensonLaw is a seasoned real property and litigation law firm with thorough knowledge of land valuation, land planning and use, and eminent domain law. Their experience in all facets of real property law has given them extensive insight into the methods used by the North Carolina government in valuing the land it takes. As a business law firm, the attorneys of StephensonLaw also possess the necessary understanding of valuations and legal intricacies to fight for your rights in cases of condemnation. Trust StephensonLaw to help you obtain just compensation for your condemned property.

If your land has been condemned for an unacceptable value, fill out a contact form and get in touch with us today.

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