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Construction Law in North Carolina

Materialman's Lien

We know that our commercial clients work hard at their craft that brings together a combination of labor, materials and their unique expertise. In this growing environment and volatile economy, liens provide protection to ensure that they have confidence in being paid for their work and services. At StephensonLaw, we work closely with our clients to educate and counsel them on the nuances of this growing area of law. The attorneys strive to educate our clients so that before they invest huge sums of time and money into a project that they position themselves for success. However, we know that situations arise where you have not received payment for your work. Effective use of North Carolina's lien laws (or the threat of use) allows our firm to aggressively protect your interests and maximize the ability to obtain payment for your services.

Contract Dispute

Even when you enter into a contract with another and everyone initially has good intentions and good faith, things can go awry. For some, obligating oneself in contract is more than business – it is one giving their word. When that word is broken and obligations are not met, the relationship with that person or company can quickly deteriorate and, more importantly, can put your business in jeopardy. You need a law firm that will protect your rights and effectively advocate for you. Whether your contract was written or verbal, the attorneys at StephensonLaw are here to help guide you through your legal options. Our attorneys take the time to listen to your needs. Sometimes comprehensive civil litigation is necessary, while other times, your business can and should take advantage of alternate forms of litigation such as early mediation or arbitration. Protecting your business while minding your bottom line is the priority of the attorneys at StephensonLaw.

Bonding Issues

With contractors and subcontractors filing liens, landowners and developers are relying upon performance and payment bonds. When the projects involve government properties, bonding issues are sure to be an issue as well as federal and state statutes. When payment is delayed or denied, the attorneys at StephensonLaw can help your business navigate through the minefield of the laws encompass bonds.

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