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Insurance Defense Litigation in North Carolina

With constant changes in the law by both the legislature and appellate courts, StephensonLaw is a trusted advisor to our insurance companies when questions arise as to coverage.We strive to provide first-class service to our insurance clients by providing timely and expert reporting of all aspects of the case. We know how important budgeting is too many of our insurance clients and our stream-lined office procedures ensure compliance with these concerns. At StephensonLaw, we pride ourselves in addressing all the areas of the tripartite relationship we have with our individual clients and the insurance carrier. Because of our solid track record, StephensonLaw enjoys a stellar reputation among its peers and the judiciary. We insure that when a particularly complex claim arises our insurance partners know that they can count on the attorneys at StephensonLaw to obtain the best result possible.

General Liability

StephensonLaw has the expertise to handle all general liability needs from a simple slip-and-fall, a catastrophic personal injury, or a multi-party construction defect claim. The attorneys at StephensonLaw have defended our insurance client's needs in all the NC Federal districts as well as in over half the counties in the state. We know that ensuring our insurance client is well advised throughout the entire litigation process is crucial. Our office is set-up to ensure that all in-house reporting and billing needs are met. Ensuring a viable and productive relationship between our firm and our insurance clients is vital to not only protecting the company's interest, but to providing the surest defense to the insurer.

Errors & Omissions

Sometimes professionals make mistakes and oftentimes those actions have consequences that result in litigation. At StephensonLaw, we are well adept at defending these cases, whether the error was made by a real estate agent, an insurance broker or other licensed professionals. When the act by the agent is potentially subject to dubious damages claims, the attorneys at StephensonLaw can handle your needs.

Coverage Issues

Sometimes the simplest straight forward clause in an insurance contract can be turned on its head with an overly complex fact pattern. Having represented over 40 companies throughout the years, the attorneys at StephensonLaw are well equipped to help our insurance clients navigate through the clauses, exceptions and multi-party UIM/UM claims. Whether it’s determining if bat guano is specifically excluded from a homeowners policy or how to stack differing UIM coverages, StephensonLaw is here to help provide our clients with the answers in a timely, efficient and coherent manner.

Construction Defects

The attorneys at StephensonLaw have been defending companies being sued for alleged construction defects for a combined total of over five decades. We have a proven record of representing clients in construction cases ranging from residential homes to large condominium and town home complexes to commercial and office buildings. Our clients have included homeowners, general contractors, and sub-contractors of all trades. StephensonLaw is in the forefront of claims for defective construction, toxic mold, structural deficiencies, drainage problems, unfair & deceptive trade practices as well as a host of other claims/issues. StephensonLaw has built a solid reputation for aggressively defending our client's rights regardless of the size of the claim in the courts of North Carolina.

Catastrophic Accidents

Some incidents and the claims arising from them are so large “Catastrophic” is the only way to describe them. The attorneys at StephensonLaw have successfully defended target defendants in industrial explosion cases, liquor liability suits, trucking accidents and many other large, high profile cases. We are highly experienced with cases of this magnitude and are often sought after by carriers to defend these matters whether on their panel counsel list or not. In addition, we have taken several of these cases to verdict with great success.

Environmental Claims

The attorneys at StephensonLaw have broad experience in defending clients that are involved in environmental claims. From representing numerous petroleum companies and petroleum equipment installers to having served as counsel to the North Carolina Low-Level Radioactive Waste Commission, our attorneys know environmental laws, rules and regulations and are able to use these to obtain favorable outcomes for our clients.

Workers' Compensation

At StephensonLaw, our attorneys provide sound legal advice on risk management and claims administration to our employer and carrier clients. We also represent injured workers in protecting their rights throughout the bureaucratic process of trying to recover from a workplace accident. Our attorneys also capably advocate for clients in penalty hearings before the Industrial Commission. We have led the way in reforming workers' compensation law and practice in the State for many years, and we strive to make the workers' compensation system work for the benefit of employees, employers and carriers in the most expeditious manner possible.

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