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Reliable Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Representation 

Directly south of the Research Triangle, Morrisville lies within one of the largest intellectual districts in the United States; its population consists of worldwide leaders in academia. But when working in laboratories or driving down busy Morrisville Parkway, unforeseen accidents can occur. 

Personal Injury Representation in Morrisville

The attorneys of StephensonLaw, LLP are here to fight for the employees of more than 170 research and technology institutions—and their families—in cases of serious injury. We’ve successfully protected the rights of injured clients for years, seeking fair compensation for those who have been injured by the government, individuals, and businesses of all sizes. If you or a loved one has suffered undue harm in a tractor trailer or commercial vehicle collision, a workplace or industrial accident, a product defect, or any case involving a catastrophic accident, our attorneys can protect your rights in court and help you obtain the compensation you rightly deserve. 

Justice for Wrongful Death 

Residents of Morrisville should expect to live the calm, untroubled life of a suburban, academic town. That’s why when serious accidents lead to the death of an individual, their family deserves aggressive and fair representation in court. The attorneys of StephensonLaw, LLP will provide just that. Our trial attorneys have successfully prosecuted cases of wrongful death from medical malpractice, to mass torts, to catastrophic injury. You can depend on us to protect the rights of your loved ones and seek to obtain the justice they deserve. 

If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury or death, contact us to talk about how we can help. 

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