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Personal Injury Representation You Can Trust

Raleigh is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, but with that growth comes a greater risk of accidents. The personal injury lawyers at StephensonLaw are your trusted professionals when it comes to representing your case and protecting you and your loved ones.

Personal Injury Lawyers in Raleigh, NC

The trusted Raleigh personal injury attorneys at StephensonLaw have a wealth of experience fighting for the rights of their clients. If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury, you can count on us to fight for your rights in the courtroom. 

We can help you pursue a claim for your case in Raleigh if you’ve suffered any of the following:

  • Tractor trailer collision
  • Commercial vehicle collision
  • Accident at the workplace
  • Product defect
  • Industrial accident
  • Dog bites
  • Car accidents
  • Other significant injuries

Whether you are preparing to go up against an insurance company or another individual, we’re here to provide the guidance you need. We will seek fair compensation for your injury, allowing you to have peace of mind and be made whole again.

"StephensonLaw recently handled legal affairs for us over a lengthy period. The diligence and attention to hundreds of details and documents was instrumental in bringing our case to a satisfactory conclusion." - David Stella

Seek Justice with Wrongful Death Representation

Residents of the bustling city of Raleigh should feel confident with the protections our justice system affords. That’s why when tragic accidents result in the death of an individual, the family deserves experienced representation that it can trust. As an accomplished and recognized North Carolina law firm, we understand the pain and suffering that results from wrongful death, and we make it our responsibility to attain justice for your losses. We have successfully represented clients in cases of medical malpractice and negligence on the part of large corporations as well as individuals. 

The capital city of North Carolina and one of the most popular places to live in the Southeast, Raleigh is an ideal location for young families and seasoned professionals alike. Even so, unfortunately, accidents still happen. As attorneys, we seek to maintain the integrity of our justice system by providing the utmost in quality services to our clients in Raleigh. 

If you or a loved one has suffered serious injury or death, contact us for a free initial consultation.    

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